We do the packing and moving to give you back time and energy!

Movers Plus will do the packing for you. We can perform all of your packing requirements OR only those items you do not want to pack yourself. Our packers are professional, experienced, fast and careful with your most precious possessions. There’s nothing worse than showing up to your final destination to unpack broken goods. We carefully and efficiently package your belongings while also using the correct packing materials to ensure the utmost safety throughout the journey.

When we do the packing, we save you time!

For most people, the process of packing is often seen as one of the most time-consuming and bothersome tasks of moving. With the safe transport of your items being directly linked to how well you’ve packed them, packing is a crucial but irksome step of any move, regardless of the size or complexity of the move. Because it can take days, sometimes even weeks, to correctly pack up the contents of an entire house or business, we are happy to perform the task for you and relieve you of the extra effort.

Eliminating the hassle and stress of preparing for moving day, our experts use high-quality packing and shipping materials, as well as proven industry-leading tips and tricks to ensure even the most fragile items arrive unaffected by the move. Your crew will also use a systematic process of intelligently labeling and arranging cartons, boxes and furniture to ensure a speedy and sensible loading and unloading process. Reduced time and labor charges means reduced costs — ensuring that your move is not just seamless, but that it costs you less. We’re also exceedingly skilled at the careful disassembly and assembly of large furniture items.

Why spend all that time handling the packing of our belongings when you have professionals at your beck and call to do it for you? Contact the Movers Plus team now to let us know what moving tasks you need us to perform and we’ll set up a customized, no-obligation quote for you. We promise expert-level service with a smile, every time.

Down the block or states-away, we’re here to guarantee the safety of your belongings!

We utilize industry standard packing materials and procedures. Please feel free to call us (205) 289-0538.