Expert moving tips from Birmingham’s leading professional movers!

  • Use moving boxes only (differently sized boxes do not stack or load well and takes more time).
  • Tape boxes securely with three strips of tape on top and bottom. NO BOXES WITH OPEN TOPS or PLASTIC BAGS. Neither stack well in the truck and will contribute to broken contents.
  • Use paper without ink. Newspaper ink rubs off easy and may damage some items.
  • Load books into small boxes (1.5 cu. ft.). Don’t load more books into a box than a man can carry (40 to 50 pounds).
  • Putting pillows in garbage bags may end up in the garbage can by accident — label your trash bags if you use them!
  • Utilize large and extra-large boxes for light articles such as bedspreads, pillows, lampshades, winter coats and artificial flowers.
  • Utilize dish packs for china and glassware. Plates should be placed in a vertical position in the box and packed tightly with paper (use 3 sheets of paper for fine china, 2 for every day). Avoid bubble wrap since it shrinks in the box and is the biggest source of broken items.
  • Lamps must be boxed; Pack them in boxes separately taking care to completely fill the box with paper leaving no room for the lamp to shift. Remove and pack the harp, bulb and shade separately.
  • If you move anything yourself, move the lampshades, lamps, large pictures, oil, and watercolor paintings.
  • Clothing and linens only may remain in dressers. Remove money, coins, valuables, rings, breakables, anything that can spill, or items that will fall from drawer to drawer when they are tilted up to go through doors.
  • Empty armoires. They are usually very heavy without any contents.
  • Vertical file cabinets can be transported with their contents, but lateral file cabinets should be emptied.
  • All desk drawers must be emptied.
  • Disconnect and label computer, stereo and television wires, cables and connections. Pack the stereo and computer equipment in boxes.
  • Check with your mover to see if they unhook and reattach your washer and dryer. This may be the time to change out those old rubber washer hoses so you may eliminate a flooding problem in the future. Verify your dryer plug will require the same type of prongs at the new location.
  • It is against federal law for your mover to transport firearms, explosives, compressed gas, flammables, aerosols, liquor and cleaning fluids.

Because many customers ask us about tipping we offer the following advice: Moving is hard work. The moving crews usually work hard and are careful and courteous. If you feel that your movers did a good job, it is customary for them to be tipped. This, of course, is a function of their performance. The amount is up to the customer.