Because moving is a far cry from a tropical vacation!


Moving can be a very stressful event to navigate. After all, you’re uprooting, saying goodbye to your community, and essentially starting over. All of these things on top of packing up and moving is a lot.


At Movers Plus in Birmingham, we understand the stress involved in a cross country move, which is why we’re here to lend a hand and make this move effortless. Take a moment today and learn about how to better combat the stress in your next move.

Tips and Tricks to Combat Stress While Moving


In the thick of it all, deep in the trenches of moving, everyone’s stress response is heightened. You’re packing, organizing, and coordinating all while trying to juggle the emotions you’re feeling and keep up with basic needs such as food and sleep! Below are some helpful tips for your consideration!


Stay Realistic!


While we’d love to tell you to stay positive, but this isn’t reality — we’re human and we experience a wide variety of emotions (more than one at any given moment) and it’s important to recognize this. The takeaway here is staying realistic. Your move may have some hiccups along the way and it’s knowing that they’ll likely happen and choosing your response.


Make The Old New


When it comes to moving to a new city, do your research beforehand. Locate the things that are important to you — do love a good organic grocery store or craft coffee sho? Find them! And in the meantime find out where Target and some good restaurants are.


Perhaps you love running. Find trails or map out a route close to your home and take a quick jog in-between moving and unpacking.


It’s our old routines that can help bring us comfort in our new surroundings — a little groundwork beforehand can help make things more familiar.




Giving yourself enough time before your move to get things organized will do wonders for your stress levels.  


Start by gathering all your moving supplies like boxes, markers, tape, labels, and newspaper and then map out a plan of how you’re going to tackle each room. This is a great time to book your moving company if you haven’t already done so.


Hello, Goodbye


Not only is feeling your emotions vital taking action can be just as valuable. When you’re leaving your old place, take time to say your goodbyes — a good bon voyage party is the perfect send off!


And, when you’re to your new town, say your hellos! Meet your neighbors and get social!


Unpack With Haste


Unpacking is arguably the worst part of the whole moving process — you spend the whole day moving and then you have a bunch of boxes sitting around your house. And while it’s easy to procrastinate, this only prolongs your stress.


So, unpack as quickly as you can. It will be easier to settle and build your life in your new town!


Ditch the stress and hire professional Birmingham movers! Call us today to book your next move!