Plant overs rejoice, there are finally some helpful solutions!


Does your home resemble more of a jungle than a living, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen? If your place is drenched in every nook and cranny with different species of plants, suffice it to say, you’re a plant lover.


In a big move, whether you’re going cross country or across the street, our plants don’t always get the attention they warrant in a move, and, they can be pretty tricky to move because you don’t want to kill the fiddle leaf fig that you’ve has for over a decade!


When you partner with Movers Plus for all of your Birmingham residential, commercial, and relocation moving services, you get moving professionals who understand plants! To get insider tips and tricks when it comes to moving plants, follow along below!

Plants Turn a House Into a Home


We spend years taking care of our plants — tending and talking to them — that leaving them behind in a big move is non-negotiable. Plants can be moved, it just takes a little more care and attention.


Moving Plants


Where do you begin packing and moving your plants? Really, it depends on what type of plants you have. For smaller potted plants, the process is easier, and with outdoor or large indoor plants it may take additional planning and problem-solving.


Small House Plants


House plants are relatively easy to move because you can keep them in their established pots and place them into boxes or bins for transport. If you do plan to add two or more house plants to a box, ensure that you put padding between them — towels, old t-shirts, or newspaper works well.


Medium to Large House Plants


Pruning and trimming your large plants before the move is highly recommended. If they’re growing out, up, and every which way, trying to contain them will be beneficial and it also keeps them from having any broken limbs during transport.


Pro tip:


Keep the plants with you and transport them yourself in your car on moving day. In doing this, you can secure them and better regulate the temperature on a cold or hot day.


If it’s an exceptionally cold day, gently cover your plants in plastic bags or wrap them in newspaper to keep them protected and to ward off the cold.


If you’re traveling cross country it is vital to tend to them the whole trek — don’t leave them in the car in extreme temperatures and water them as needed.


Plants are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, so if you can, keep them in the shade during the move.


Outdoor Plants


With outdoor plants, sometimes it’s best to leave them with the house. As sad as this sounds, they can be very difficult to move, so choose your favorite.


Like house plants, it’s important to prune and trim outdoor plants before the move. Not only does it foster growth but it keeps them contained. Water them really well before you uproot them.


Dig up your most treasured outdoor plants, keeping as much dirt and roots around as possible. Transfer to a pot or paper or burlap bag.


When you arrive at your new place, gently care for your plants and welcome them to their new home!

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