You’ve secured a new place, congrats! Now, moving all your belongings looms!

Moving brings to light a lot — how much stuff you’ve acquired through the years, bad attitudes, and stress, so much stress! But, it doesn’t have to be that way! When you prep and organize for your move across town, moving can actually be reasonable!

Movers Plus is a comprehensive Birmingham-based moving company that has you covered — from moving materials and packing to moving you to your new place. Don’t let moving stress you out and salvage your relationship when you partner with us! To streamline your next move, get the best tips for the moving professionals below!

8 Tips For Streamlining Your Move!

There is always a new takeaway to making the moving process better, whether you’re a moving aficionado or this is your first one. Composed by Birmingham’s best professional movers, get the need-to-know tips below for an effortless move!

Pick an optimal moving season.

If you’re able to choose when you move, choose a warm season such as spring or early fall. These seasons can accommodate shorts and t-shirts, but they’re not too hot to induce sweating only a hot yoga class can!

On the other hand, moving in the dead of winter can prove hazardous — not only can the road conditions be tough to navigate a moving truck in, it also slows down the whole process! Then there are the unforeseen moving scenarios you encounter.

True story, there was once an instance where there was a couch too large to get through the front door. To get it in, we had to drive around to the back alleyway, lift it over the fence, and carry it in through the walkout basement door. Oh, and did we forget to mention it was the coldest day of the year?! Not pleasant!

So, if you have the option, move in good weather!

Pre-Move Key Rooms

There are rooms that are just nice to have ready before moving day. If you have the option, pre-move items to rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The rooms don’t have to be complete, but stocking toilet paper and having towels ready, saves a lot of stress when you’re spent from moving.   

Pack a bag with all your essentials.

Moving takes it out of you and chances are, you won’t want to unpack anything the night following the move. Instead, pack a bag of all your essentials such as toiletries, chargers, PJs, and a change of clothes, so you can melt into your pillow after a long day.

Pack glassware in clean socks.

Clean socks make an excellent packing material for glasses and delicate stemware. You can even separate your cutlery while keeping them together during the move.

Take pictures of your electronics.

Do you have a lot of electronics? Save yourself a lot of time, stress, and energy when you take a picture of them before they are packed and reference them when you need to reassemble them. This ensures they’ll work on cue and you don’t have to fuss over a slew of cords!

Easily Pack Your Closet

One of the best packing hacks we’ve taken away is packing your closet in a drawstring trash bag. Now, this doesn’t sound very genius, but how you go about it is what makes the difference.

It isn’t shoving the clothes in a trash bag, it’s running the trash bag and containing as many clothes in the bag as you can while they’re hanging. Then, secure the drawstring right below the rounded part of the hanger. The clothes are contained and you can transfer them to your new closet immediately!

Pick a labeling side.

It’s important to pick a labeling side to your moving boxes or bins and stick with it. It’s also very important that the side you pick isn’t the top of the box — boxes are typically stacked during a move, so you will have no idea what’s in a box unless you unstack all of them, and this my friends, is how relationships end!

Go a step further in your labeling organization and color code your tape by room. For example, the bathroom could be pink and the kitchen green.

Document, document, document!

If you’re moving from one rental to another, it is vital to document both places. When you’re completely moved out of your old place and everything is cleaned, take pictures of how it was left.

While it doesn’t happen too often, there have been shady property managers or landlords that won’t give you your full deposit back because something is out of sorts, but if you have it documented, you can argue your case!

Similarly, before moving into your new rental, go through room-by-room and fully check and inspect everything. Check and make sure the outlets work, any nail holes, and the condition it is in. Follow it up with pictures. It’s important to keep yourself protected, in addition to getting a full refund on your deposit!

Moving, even if it’s around the block, can be extremely stressful. Take from our moving tips and tell us any of your moving hacks in the comment section below!

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