Summer is a popular moving season and scorching temperatures may make moving in Birmingham a bit more interesting!

Moving comes with its own host of challenges — from trying to downsize and declutter all your belongings to coordinating an effortless moving day. It’s a strenuous process many hope to not repeat that often, and with that said, if you’re moving in the summer heat, this factor can make things a bit more challenging. 

Beat the Birmingham heat and partner with us at Movers Plus! We’re your local movers that can move you across the street or across the country in a relocation move. Get the best tips in today’s post for summertime moving. 

Coordinate and Organize

Coordinating and organizing your move is the pinnacle of a stress-free, smooth move, but in the summer, you have to take it one step further. Not only do you have to plan the packing and moving schedule, now you have to think of the heat. 

Because summer moving in Birmingham is get booked relatively quickly and early in the summer months, you’ll want to schedule out a moving service ASAP. Even the late-winter is not too early!

A couple pro tips:

Take your time to pack up and leave yourself plenty of time. If you’re stuck with a small window, not only are you trying to beat the heat, you’re zooming around in the summer heat, only making the process more uncomfortable.

Try packing in the early morning or evening and set your AC a little cooler for a nice calm and cool environment.

Timing Your Move is Everything

You’ve scheduled moving services, so the next important thing to do is start your move early in the morning before temperatures get too hot. Timing your move in the summer heat is everything. It can be a drag waking up before the sun, but at least this way you can get ahead of the heat. 

This is a great time to get organized for the grand move, and if you’re moving in town, it’s a time when you can make a couple of trips over and set the AC at a comfortable temperature while unpacking essentials such as toilet paper, a few kitchen items, and toiletries. When you get up early, you not only get precious hours before the heat hits, you can get a good start on moving day.

Don’t Forget The Small Details

Moving is a whirlwind, so it’s vital that you’re prepared for the little things that will make a huge difference in your move. 

Let it blow – Borrow and buy all the oscillating fans you can and disperse them around both your old and new place — this makes moving much more pleasant for you and the movers with a little moving air!    

Stay hydrated – Keep a large cooler stocked with cold water for you and the movers — this way you don’t have to fuss with glasses, and you can grab water all throughout the day.

Wear sunscreen – If you’re prone to burning, this step is often forgotten, but a must! Keep from burning by applying sunscreen a couple of times throughout your move!

Moving is stressful, we understand this, and adding the summer heat can only amplify an already trying situation. 

But, you can avoid some of the stress by hiring local Birmingham movers!

Beat the heat and the stress when you book your summer move with us today!